Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry brings together a cadre of scholars who are already making interdisciplinary forays, and whose experience with mentors at Washington University will sharpen their awareness of and their ability to contribute to real and substantial collaboration between humanists and social scientists at the undergraduate, graduate, and research levels. This postdoctoral program is not intended to produce more scholars for an already crowded marketplace but rather to produce practitioners for whom the kind of collegial collaboration that has been so productive in the sciences becomes an important addition to the traditional model of the single and often isolated scholar. At Washington University the humanities and social sciences faculty see this postdoctoral program as an important initiative and an exciting opportunity both for the university and for new scholars trained in and wishing to advance the conversation, the collegiality, and the modes of inquiry within and across disciplines that have become essential to the growth of the university and of the fields and modes of knowledge that the university takes as its domain.